Deploy a Strapi CMS backend

Server selection

Deploying a Strapi CMS with Cleavr is straightforward and painless.

However, to successfully deploy a Strapi CMS, you'll need to consider an appropriate server option up front.

If you want your server to also build the Strapi application, then you'll want to avoid the cheapest / basic options that VPS providers offer. The build process for Strapi takes a lot of processing power. More so, than the lowest cost options will be able to handle. You'll also need to take into consideration how many other apps are being hosted on the server as they will impact available processing power during the build run as well.

Luckily, another option is to utilize Cleavr's GitHub Actions integration to have GitHub build Strapi for you. This way, you can then be free to use one of the more economic plans.

Set up

  1. Add a new NodeJS SSR app to your server
  2. Install a database server and add a database that Strapi will connect to
  3. In the Web App section, click to complete the setup
  4. On the Code Repository tab, select the VC Provider and Repository your project is located at
  5. On the NPM Build tab, set Entry Point to npm, Arguments to start, Build Commands to npm run build --production, and Artifacts Path to build
  6. If you selected GitHub as your VC Provider and want to utilize GitHub Actions to build your app, then click GitHub Actions tab and click to enable
  7. In Environment, add the env variables for your project, including the database details added in step 2
  8. Deploy!