Grav CMS

Grav is an open source, flat file CMS that is a breeze to use. You'll love it!

Cleaver Desktop had a 1-click installer. We plan on bringing this to In the meantime, even without the ease of a 1-click installer, Grav is super duper easy to install on your server using Cleavr.

Deploy Grav with Cleavr

There are a couple of different ways to add Grav to your server as you can see from their installation instructions.

In this guide, we'll use a direct method that avoids you having to SSH into the server.

In Cleavr -

  1. On your server, add a new PHP site
  2. Once the site is added, go to Deployments and click on the deployment workflow that was automatically created after step 1
  3. In deployment workflow > settings, select a GitHub VC Profile
  4. For repository, enter then save the settings and refresh the page
  5. Go to deployment workflow > deployment hooks and continue with the next steps

We'll add a couple deployment hooks. One to install grav and the other to install the admin panel, which is optional.

Add a new hook for Install Grav with the following command -

cd {{ releasePath }}
bin/grav install

Save the hook and optionally add the following hook for Install Admin Panel -

cd {{ releasePath }}
bin/gpm install admin --all-yes

Drag and drop the new hooks so that the hooks appear in the following order:

  1. Copy Project
  2. Install Grav
  3. Install Admin Panel
  4. Activate New Deployment
  5. Clean Old Deployments.

You'll see some other disabled deployment hooks which you can leave as is. They don't need to run during deployment.

Now, go to deployment workflow > deployments and click on Deploy.

Once the deployment is complete (which is super quick and shouldn't take more than a minute or two) head over to the URL that was setup for your site.

If you opted to install the Admin Panel, then you'll fill out a quick form and then you'll be all set!