Access Server Via SFTP

What you will need

  • An SFTP client, such as FileZilla or CommanderOne (Mac)
  • Your server username; cleavr is created by default as a username during provision
  • Your SSH public key
  • Your server's public IP

Cleavr requires SFTP access, which utilizes SSH keys. This is to provide additional security.

To Connect

Using CommanderOne (Mac) as an example -

  1. Select the SFTP connection option - note: Cleavr does not support FTP connections
  2. Add your public SSH key to the server you are accessing
  3. Enter your server public IP into host
  4. Enter username you assigned your SSH key to in step one (Cleavr is default)
  5. Point password to your id_rsa file location
  6. Click Connect

💥 You should now be connected to your server and ready to use your SFTP client.