Deploy Flarum Discussion Platform

Flarum is a modern, open-source discussion platform. deploys Flarum onto one of your cloud servers in just a couple of steps.

In this guide, we'll deploy Flarum directly from their official GitHub repository to a Cleavr provisioned server. However, you may wish to fork the project and then deploy from your forked project.

Step 1: Provision New Server

Provision a new server with Cleavr.

Step 2: Add New Site

Once your server has finished provisioning, add a new site.

Select PHP as the site's web app type.

For Web Directory, add public.

For PHP Version, select a PHP version, 7.3 or newer.

Select option to Setup Database, select MySql 5.7 or 8.0. Keep note of the database info as you'll need them later.

Click Add to add the new site. Cleavr will install any missing environment dependencies as well as add the database.

Step 3: Configure The Deployment Workflow

Click on the deployment workflow section, and then click the deployment workflow that was added after adding the new site.

Configure Code Repository

In the setup, you'll need to have a GitHub VC profile created in Cleavr.

Select the GitHub profile.

For the repository, enter flarum/flarum.

For the branch to deploy, enter master.

Click Update.

Configure Deployment Hooks

Click on the deployment hooks tabs.

Enable the Install Composer Dependencies hook and ensure Install NPM Packages is disabled.

Step 4: Deploy!

If everything looks to be configured correctly, deploy! 🚀

Step 5: Configure Database

Once deployed, visit the domain assigned to your site and then fill out the setup form. You'll need your db connection info from earlier.

Enjoy! 🎉