How to deploy Drupal CMS

Step 1: Prep Cleavr

  1. Provision a new server
  2. Click add site, select PHP site, add public to web directory, and then click to add site
  3. In Server > Database, install MySQL 8
  4. Once MySQL is installed, add a new database (such as name: drupal, username: admin, password: your password)
  5. Add your SSH key to the server, apply cleavr user

Step 2: Download Drupal

Install the zip file for the version you’d like. Here is a link to install the current version -

Once drupal file is downloaded, add it to the following directory on your server:

/home/cleavr/<site name>/current

You can use an SFTP client to move the zipped file.

Step 3: Server Install Steps

  1. SSH into your server as cleavr
  2. Go to /home/cleavr/<your site>/current directory
  3. Remove the current public folder with rmdir public command as we’ll rename the unzipped drupal folder to public
  4. Unzip the zipped folder using unzip <drupal file name>.zip command
  5. Once unzipped, rename the unzipped folder: mv <drupal folder name> public
  6. Navigate to the following folder: cd /sites/default
  7. Create a new folder: mkdir files
  8. Now, change permissions: chmod a+w files
  9. Next, there is a default settings file that we’ll copy and rename: cp default.settings.php settings.php
  10. Change permissions for settings.php: chmod a+w settings.php

Step 4: Complete Setup On Drupal’s Web Interface

The server should all be good to go. Now, open a browser and navigate to the domain that was created for your site in Cleavr.

Go through the setup prompts. When asked, enter the database name, username, and password that you created for your MySQL server during the Cleavr setup portion.