Access database via a client tool

You can use a database client to access your database. We recommend TablePlus as it is compatible with all database types and versions Cleavr offers.

  • Host: (you may also need to enter a port number based on the db type)
  • User: db username
  • Password: db password
  • Server: server ip address
  • User: cleavr
  • Use SSH key and point to private key on your machine - make sure you add your public key to Cleavr first

When installing databases, Cleavr locks down root access to external client tools. This is for security. To access using a client tool, make sure you have added a database user and password and use those credentials for external clients. Also, during provisioning, Cleavr creates a 'cleavr' user on the server which is not granted database access. This is also for security reasons.