Deploy Astro

Astro is a modern, fast-growing static site building framework that takes creating websites back to the basics.

Step 1: Build An App

Check out the Astro Getting Started Guide and start building your app. They have several example projects that you can use as a starting point or for testing.

Once you have your project ready to deploy, add it to your code repository, such as GitHub.

Step 1: Add A NodeJS Static App

In Cleavr, provision a server an add a new NodeJS Static application.

When adding the site, set Artifact Path to dist.

Step 2: Configure App For Deployment

After the site has been added to your server, go to the deployment workflow in the Deployments section, go to Settings > Code Repository tab, connect to your code repository and branch to deploy.

Step 3: Deploy!

You're now all set to deploy!

That's it! Easy.