Provision Servers

Cleavr hooks up to several VPS providers to help you provision servers and do initial setup.

What is a VPS?

A VPS, or Virtual Private Server, is essentially your slice of the cloud. Cleavr supports multiple cloud providers for you to provision your VPS with.

Cleavr currently integrates with the following hosting providers -

You may also hook up to a custom provider.

Before Cleavr can provision a server, you must have an account created with your VPS provider of choice. You can then create a VPS profile in the Connections section.

Why use Cleavr to provision servers?

TL;DR - to save time and frustration caused when manually setting up and configuring a new server yourself.

When you provision a server directly with your provider, they typically provide a shell with some default configurations set and offer some 1-click-installs to get you going. That's typically not enough to run your app and to make sure everything is secured.

When Cleavr provisions a new server, it installs and configures additional services and settings to make your server fast and secure.

How to Provision

  1. From the Dashboard or Servers pages, click Create Server or Provision New Server.
  2. Select a VPS Profile
  3. Select a Server Region
  4. Select a Server Plan
  5. Select a Server Type - Cleavr will optimize the server based on the selected type
  6. Add a Server Name - a default server name is pre-populated
  7. Select Start Provisioning to start provisioning your new server

Feel free to navigate away from the page while it's provisioning. You will receive an email once the provisioning is complete.

Make sure you look for and store the contents of the email in a safe place! It contains information that is not stored in Cleavr and is only available in the email.