Manage Users

You can invite individuals to join your company account as team members. You may invite up to the amount of user seats that you have purchased. You may increase or decrease the number of user seats at any time by going to the Users section and clicking on Adjust Seats.

adjust company user seats

In order to lower user seat quantity, first ensure that you have no more than the number of seats actively filled that you want to lower the quantity to.

Add a new user

Click on the Add User button to add a new user to your team. They will receive an email to sign up to Cleavr and to accept your invitation to join your company.

You will see pending users that have not yet accepted your invitation on the Pending users tab. From this tab, you can remove the user to cancel the invitation or re-send the invite if needed.

Users will only have the ability to view resources that are assigned to the team that they are also assigned to. New users will not see any resources until after you've associated them with a team.

Add a new user

From the Users tab, click on the ellipsis menu icon for the user you wish to remove, and then select the option to remove them.