DNS Profiles

We try to keep everything a click away in Cleavr. This includes bringing in DNS record management. This makes setting up domains for your sites zoom! 🏎

DNS Providers


Cloudflare is a web infrastructure and security tool that assists with many valuable services such as DNS record management, DDoS mitigation, SSL certificate creation and management, and much more. Cloudflare is a great service to use in conjunction with Cleavr if you are looking for even more layers of protection.

In your Cloudflare account, grab your API Key from your Profile > API Tokens > View Global API Key

AWS Route 53

The Route 53 DNS profile requires an AWS API key that has privileges for Route 53.


DigitalOcean also provides some DNS record management functions. If you already have DO setup as a VPS provider, you can use the same Personal Access Token to setup the DNS records connection.

You will need to ensure that your domain points to DigitalOcean's nameservers.


Porkbun makes it easy to purchase domains. It's also equally as easy to connect to your Porkbun account thru Cleavr to manage DNS records.

For creating a new DNS profile for Porkbun, you'll need the email associated with your Porkbun account and an API key which you can create from the Account section.