Custom Servers

When selecting the Custom server option -

  1. SSH into your custom server as root and run the provided script
  2. Add the public IP
  3. Optionally, enable Server Monitoring
  4. Optionally, select a database
  5. Optionally, select server environment
  6. Click Start Provisioning

To add a custom server, you must have Ubuntu 20.04x64 installed on the server and you must be able to SSH into the server as root user to run a command prior to Cleavr imaging the server.

Be aware that if you delete a custom server from Cleavr, this will not also destroy the server from the custom provider. Cleavr does not gain that level of access. If you remove a server from Cleavr you will also need to remove it from your customer provider.

Lastly, be aware that if you are using a custom server, then some Cleavr functionality may not work as expected.